What Is An Allied Health Travel Job?

Allied healthcare professionals are individuals who work in the healthcare area but do not have anything to do with medicine and nursing. Many diverse professions qualify as allied health, but the most frequent include

  • Experts in oral hygiene.
  • Audiologists and Speech Therapists.
  • Therapists who specialize in the treatment of occupational disorders.
  • Healthcare professionals who specialize in physical therapy.
  • Practitioners of respiratory therapy.
  • Dieticians.
  • Diagnostic medical sonographers and radiographers.
  • Experts in the field of medical technology.

What Do Allied Health Travel Specialists Do?

Traveling in the allied health field is very similar to traveling as a nurse. As with travel nurses, allied health professionals also take temporary assignments at hospitals and clinics all throughout the country. These positions are available for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The medical staff is short one doctor due to maternity leave.
  • There has been an unexpected demand for seasoned experts.
  • Changes in population that occur seasonally in a certain city.
  • A worldwide epidemic.

Hospitals and other medical centers often work with staffing firms to find qualified allied health professionals for temporary roles. Also, allied health workers have more leeway in deciding where they wish to work because they are typically contracted through a staffing agency rather than directly by a healthcare provider.

Why Are Allied Health Travel Specialists Important?

There is no way to overstate the value of Allied Health Professionals in the healthcare system. As therapists, scientists, technologists, administrators, managers, and assistants in fields like radiology, cardiology, and surgery, among others, it is their responsibility to ensure that patients are completely satisfied with the care they receive. Allied health is a great option for people who want to help others but don’t want to go to medical school because it allows them to do so without spending as much time and money on their education.

Why Are Allied Health Travel Specialists in High Demand?

First, there is a significant need for skilled temporary workers to satisfy fluctuating labor force levels. Many traveling allied workers also receive housing allowances that are exempt from taxation. Most professionals can make significantly more money by traveling rather than working in one place permanently.

What Are The Types of Allied Health Travel Jobs?

The following are all the types of Allied Health Travel Jobs at Stability Healthcare:

Cardiovascular Technician Jobs

The Cardiovascular Technician performs a variety of diagnostic procedures, including exercise stress testing, 24-hour ambulatory electrocardiography, non-invasive vascular testing, and ECG editing. Some of these tests and procedures are necessary to diagnose cardiovascular conditions.

Cath Lab Tech Jobs

Cath Lab Technicians, also known as cardiac catheterization technologists, are essential members of the cardiology care team, helping to perform diagnostic imaging and aiding physicians during minimally invasive surgery on the cardiovascular system of patients.

Clinical Lab Scientist (CLS) Jobs

Also known as medical laboratory scientists (MLS), they work to analyze all types of biological samples provided to them by the rest of the lab and healthcare team. They report the results of their scientific testing to physicians, making them a vital part of a patient’s diagnostic and treatment process. Clinical Lab Scientist allied health travel jobs are available at Stability Healthcare.

CT Tech Jobs

Computed Tomography Technicians, known commonly as CT Techs, are key members of comprehensive healthcare teams in charge of taking diagnostic images of patients’ internal systems using computerized tomography machines. The scans are vital to detecting some of the most life-threatening diseases and conditions within patients’ bodies, like cancer and osteoporosis.

Dialysis Technician Jobs

Dialysis technicians play a key role in the health of patients with end-stage renal diseases and kidney failures. Also known as hemodialysis technicians, they help provide dialysis treatment to these patients along with other responsibilities in healthcare settings. Dialysis techs care for many patients along with other health providers and work in a high-paced environment on a daily basis. Dialysis Technician allied health travel jobs are available at Stability Healthcare.

Echocardiogram Technician Jobs

Also called echo technicians or echo techs, they are ultrasound technicians that specialize in using echocardiography machines to obtain images of patients’ hearts. They work with other healthcare givers to diagnose and treat heart conditions by gathering information and generating images.

EGG Technician Jobs

A medical specialist known as an electroencephalographic (EEG) technician or technologist utilizes specialized equipment to measure patients’ brain abnormalities and track nervous system activity. EGG Technician allied health travel jobs are available at Stability Healthcare

GI Endoscopy Technician Jobs

The Endoscopy Tech, under supervision, is accountable for preparing the operating room for all gastrointestinal (GI) procedures (including endoscopy-related endoluminal dilation (ERCP) and less complex GI procedures).

Histology Technician Jobs

A Histology Technician is a key member of a pathology laboratory team, in charge of handling, receiving, processing, and preparing tissue samples that the lab’s pathologist later examines. The histology tech is overall in charge of coordinating tasks and activities within the lab to ensure a proper diagnosis of any patient illnesses.

IR Tech Jobs

Also called IR Technicians or IR Techs, they aid physicians and interventional radiologists with procedures involving organ and body scans on patients, which are used to diagnose and treat a wide array of illnesses.

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Mammography Tech Jobs

Radiology technologists who focus on mammography are known as mammography technologists. They use low-dose x-ray equipment to provide diagnostic images of the breast. These workers usually collaborate closely with physicians and other medical experts on patient care, reporting to a manager or chief technologist. Mammography technician allied health travel jobs are available at Stability Healthcare.

Med Tech Jobs

Med Techs, or medical technicians, are vital to laboratories and hospitals, ensuring all medical samples are correctly taken, tested, and analyzed. They are in charge of sample collection and analysis of tissue, blood, and other bodily fluids like urine, spit, and sweat.

Medical Lab Technician

MLTs are a critical component of any healthcare organization. Medical Laboratory Techs assist in either routine or emergency sample collection and tests that physicians will request at any moment. Their role in the effective diagnosis and treatment process makes them invaluable.

MRI Tech Jobs

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (MRI Techs) are an integral part of the healthcare process, supporting physicians and any other health professional by operating and maintaining imaging machinery, so doctors can concentrate on treating patients and delivering the best healthcare. MRI Techs allied health travel jobs are available at Stability Healthcare.

Occupational Therapist Jobs

Occupational therapists use therapeutic strategies to help patients improve, rehabilitate, or preserve their capacity to carry out routine tasks.

OR Technician Jobs

Operating room technicians are members of the surgical team that ensure the operating theater is safe. They check that the equipment and technologies that aid surgeons with each procedure are in working order.

Physical Therapist Jobs

A physical therapist is a healthcare professional who focuses on patients suffering from the physical consequences of an injury and chronic health conditions. They can help patients manage their temporary or chronic pain, regain their range of motion, and improve their overall quality of life. Physical Therapist allied health travel jobs are available at Stability Healthcare.

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    Respiratory Therapist Jobs

    Patients who have trouble breathing often require the assistance of respiratory therapists. Emphysema and asthma are two examples of chronic respiratory disorders that fall within this category.

    Speech Language Pathologist Jobs Sterile Processing Technician Jobs

    Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are healthcare professionals that treat problems with a patient’s speech and swallowing. They first identify and evaluate the issues and then create treatment plans to correct them. They work with various patients, from geriatrics to pediatrics, to treat an even more diverse set of disorders.

    Travel Rad Tech Jobs

    Utilizing diagnostic imaging technology like x-ray, CT, MRI, and mammography devices, a radiologic technician assists medical professionals in determining the nature of illnesses and injuries.

    Ultrasound Tech Jobs

    Ultrasound technologists, also known as diagnostic medical sonographers, play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. These specialists record images or perform tests on various regions of the body using imaging equipment that generates high-frequency waves. Ultrasound Tech allied health travel jobs are available at Stability Healthcare.

    X-Ray Tech Jobs

    The primary function of a radiology technician is to operate and conduct imaging exams like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Radiology technicians must provide high-quality imaging because of the important role they play in identifying potential health problems.

    How Long Are The Assignments For Allied Health Travel Jobs?

    The length of travel assignments depends on the particular role, but generally speaking, most assignments are 13 weeks. However, some contracts range anywhere from 8 weeks to 9 months.

    What Is It Like Working an Allied Health Travel Job?

    Traveling positions in the allied health field are typically short-term (13 weeks) but can be longer or shorter based on the facility’s requirements. When healthcare facilities require assistance between leaves of absence and filling available positions, they turn to travelers to fill in the void.

    Why Should You Become a Travel Healthcare Provider? Aside from the obvious financial benefits, traveling allied health professionals enjoy more flexibility in their schedules, get to experience new places, and often have more rewarding experiences overall than their counterparts in permanent professions.

    Allied Health Travel Specialist Working Conditions

    Traveling in the allied health field is very similar to traveling as a nurse. Short-term vacancies in healthcare facilities across the country can be filled by traveling allied health professionals for a variety of reasons, including seasonal population shifts, maternity absences, vacations, and worldwide pandemics.

    Traveling healthcare workers (traveling therapists, traveling nurses, traveling pharmacists, etc.) fall under the umbrella term “allied health” and can be any licensed healthcare practitioner who chooses to practice in a different location.

    Working in the travel industry is a great way to see the country and get a decent living wage at the same time. Like travel nurses, allied health professionals who work on the road tend to make more money than their permanent hospital counterparts.

    Do Travel Specialists Receive High Pay and Benefits?

    Pay for allied health travel employment varies greatly due to the diversity of the field. Even so, jobs in the field of therapy, for instance, typically pay around $1,600 per week. Keep in mind that many employers provide accommodation, meals, and incidental allowances to their traveling allied health employees. Overall, travel specialists have high pay and benefits they can enjoy.

    Benefits of Allied Health Travel Work

    The ability to see the country (or world) while doing meaningful work is noted most frequently as a motivating factor by those who choose to work as an allied health travel professional. This benefit, together with the greater pay and the chance to see the world, is what draws many people to the profession of travel nursing, along with the following:

    Great Travel Opportunities

    Allied health professionals who travel can advance their careers by working in a variety of medical institutions and gaining experience with cutting-edge technology. When you travel, you develop personally and acquire new talents at the same time.

    Work Flexibility

    Additionally, you get the opportunity to try your hand at a variety of jobs. It is a wonderful opportunity to figure out the location in which you would like to settle down permanently.

    Fantastic Growth Opportunities

    One of the perks of being a travel nurse is getting to work in some of the finest medical centers in the country or the world. As a result of their ability to potentially visit multiple of these in a single year, they can add an impressive amount of experience to their resume. Despite the many positives and exciting aspects of becoming a travel nurse, it is clear that the profession is hard.

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    Here at Stability Healthcare, our nurses always come first. As a company, we’ve always been focused on making it easy and helpful for travel nurses to find jobs. Our foundation is in technology, and from there, we’ve developed a user-friendly platform and a dedicated team to assist you at every turn. That means you can spend less time looking for work and more time fulfilling your travel nursing ambitions.

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    How to Become an Allied Health Travel Specialist?

    Opportunities for healthcare professionals in the field of travel are not restricted to nurses. You can also get similar benefits through working in a traveling allied health capacity. If you’re looking for a job in the allied health field, you’ll need the same schooling as any other medical professional. Still, beyond that, there are really only two main requirements:

    • Your field may need you to get a certain license or certification before you can begin employment.
    • Experience in the field, preferably in a hospital setting, of one to three years.

    In addition, some employers seek candidates who have completed industry-standard training or earned professional certifications in areas like Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. As a traveling medical staff member, you’ll stand out more if you have as many relevant credentials as feasible. Beginning a job in travel allied health also requires a drug test, background check, and proof of vaccinations. The process of finding travel jobs as a healthcare practitioner is simplified when working with a company that caters specifically to this industry.

    Licensing and Certification Requirements For Allied Health

    The Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact is in place to assure uniformity of requirements across the states and to facilitate the use of a single license to practice nursing in over 25 of them. To work as a nurse in certain jurisdictions, you’ll need a license that’s valid there. After passing the necessary exams and receiving your license, most hospitals demand that a traveling healthcare worker has worked in an acute care setting for at least a year.

    The American College of Emergency Nurses Basic Life Support (BLS) or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (PALS) or Advanced Women’s Health Nursing (AWHONN) certification may also be necessary. While not all nursing or allied health travel specializations call for certification, it can be quite helpful in establishing your credibility as an expert in your chosen profession.

    Living Abroad as a Travel Allied Health Specialist

    You should expect increased interaction, quicker responses, and individualized contracts. You can count on being heard and having your well-being (personal and professional) regularly assessed. Living abroad as a travel allied health specialist can change your life, and if hired by our team at Stability Healthcare, then you’ll get all the necessary benefits.

    How To Find Travel Allied Health Jobs

    As the name implies, travel allied health professionals are healthcare specialists who get paid extremely well to work 13-week contracts in different locations across the country. It’s up to you to pick and choose between available travel allied health jobs and the locations and shift schedules that you like. However, if you want to compete for the top jobs in the travel allied health industry, you’ll need a solid plan.

    • Processing papers.
    • Contact the hospital on your behalf.
    • Assisting you in finding a place to live, among other things.

    Pros and Cons of Traditional Recruiters


    • They should try to find you work since it is in their best interest to do so.
    • They have a network as well as connections that can be to your advantage.


    • To be reduced to a mere statistic.
    • Retirement? It’s up to you to decide now.

    Pros and Cons of Using Online Platforms

    Depending on your point of view, using a specialty online platform to search for nursing-related job openings might be either a boon or a bane. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of going it alone as a nurse.


    • You won’t be paid a percentage, so all of your salary will be yours to keep.
    • When your current project is complete, you won’t feel pressured to immediately start another one.


    • The job search is largely an individual endeavor, with all its benefits and drawbacks.
    • There is no one to help you out if you hit a snag.

    Pros and Cons of Using Blended Online Platforms With Support


    • Learning how to deal with the peculiarities of any and all platforms.
    • Finding out what qualities employers are looking for in a candidate.


    • There is (typically) a cost associated with receiving help.
    • It’s possible that what the support team says runs counter to what other nurses or healthcare workers have experienced in the field.

    How To Find The Best Agency

    Since many hospitals and businesses have established relationships with travel nursing agencies, they are willing to give competitive salaries and excellent working conditions in order to attract and retain the most qualified candidates. The greater the number of contracts such as these an agency has, the better the opportunity will be for allied health travel nurses. When considering a nursing placement agency, it is always a good idea to get the opinion of other nurses regarding the kind of assignments the agency typically offers. Be sure to inquire about the assignment length, the range of specializations available, and the level of care provided by the institutions they partner with.

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