Illinois Travel Nursing Jobs

Discover the Heart of America in Illinois.  Illinois’s best-known city, Chicago, is full of history, culture, art, and amazing food.  Experience all Illinois has to offer on your next travel assignment.

Illinois Travel Nursing Jobs

What to see and do in Illinois

One can visit the numerous Frank Lloyd Wright buildings throughout the state, and if you want to get a taste for the outdoors, the Shawnee National Forest is an avid hotspot for hikers and sightseers. One can even find peace and tranquility in the Anderson Japanese gardens were taking a break and unwinding after a busy week might be just what the doctor orders.

There are much theatre and concerts to be found in the numerous urban settings that exist even outside Chicago in cities like Springfield and Rockford.  Imagine catching a Chicago Bears or Bulls game. If not at the actual venue itself, but great seats at one of the many classic sports bars or restaurants in local neighborhoods where you can feel the pulse of the city and its passions for its home teams.  

Find a Travel Nursing Job in Illinois

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Explore big cities and hidden gems in Illinois

Illinois’s towns and cities are a delightful mix sprawling tiny charmers, urban centers, cultural gems and historic haunts. Each one offers a treasure trove of distinctive experiences worth discovering. Quiet artist enclaves welcome free spirits inspired by the beauty of their surroundings. Lively cities beckon with shows and trendy restaurants. No matter where you end up, you’ll never want to leave.

Visit the Heart of America with Travel Nursing Jobs in Illinois

Illinois is the home of many a nationally renowned hospital ranked 9th by US World News and Report.  Once again proving Stability Healthcare provides not only settings that can lead to incredible life experiences but also matches your goal for improving your professional skills and making your work experience that much more attractive to future employers and recruiters.